Leslie Magana


Leslie is a second-year Journalism student with a minor in Human Rights. She is originally from South Central, Los Angeles. She enjoys reading and writing, watching TEDTALKS, taking road trips, cooking and being an activist. “We want students to join so that we are able to create an environment where students have a space to have their voices heard,  to know they matter and they are not alone we want to teach students to advocate for themselves and for others”.


Carlos Amaya


Carlos is an Alumni Economics student. He is from Tijuana, Baja California he enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and volleyball swimming, hiking, camping, singing, and dancing. Every now and then you can find him indulging on Netflix (Watching Friends for the most part). Batman is BEST comic book hero and also... ARRIBA EL AMERICA!!!!! “In his experience in participating in a various student organization at SJSU, He has not encountered a student organization that stresses the importance of personal growth. As an undocumented student, he has been given the opportunity to join a space that welcomes me as well as other students going through similar struggles. It provides a space that seeks to nurture and foment personal growth. SAHE also attempts to bring awareness about current issues relating to undocumented students and immigration laws”.


Isabel Rangel


Isabel is a fourth year Child Development major. She is originally from San Jose she enjoys doing her own make-up, dance and exploring different cities. “People who want to make a difference in their community as well as grow as an individual should join SAHE. SAHE teaches you who to organize actions, as well as how to make connections in the community. SAHE is important because it is an activist/support group for undocumented student or student with mixed status in their families. SAHE provides a safe space for those who need a welcoming and understanding place”.


Clara Escobedo-Solis


Clara is a fourth-year BS Psychology student. She is originally from Watsonville she enjoys swimming, playing with her cats, sing, doing her eyeshadow, shopping. She is very organized and loves to color code her school work. “We are a student organization with high family values. We are also very welcoming. We promote higher education regardless of the legal status. Also, work together the community to spread awareness on immigration rights”.


Aneth Camacho

Co-Community Liaison

Aneth is a first-year Spanish major student. She is originally from Santa Maria, she enjoys playing guitar and Ukulele and singing Mexican music and has always wanted to be a famous singer. “People should join SAHE because of the opportunities the organization provides on developing a true identity in a safe space. The work that SAHE does is important because it builds a stronger community along with friendship bonds that educate and show importance to issues affecting the San Jose State University students”.


Arturo Chavez

Co-community Liaison

Arturo is a third-year Biomedical Engineering student. He is originally from Gilroy he loves hip hop more than life itself. Community relations and involvement are where he flourishes. “The environment SAHE provides is very unique, in that it allows for the openness of a very delicate issue. For those that feel that they are alone, SAHE is a great place to find resources and community. It is essential for any school to provide a space for undocumented students to feel welcome and safe. Since 2004, SAHE has provided that space at SJSU and continues to evolve. We are comprised of the UndocuSpartan community and allies. Our goal is to pursue the interests of the community and advocate accessible higher education for all”.


Yael Juarez


Yael is a second-year Political Science students. She is originally for Los Angeles, she enjoys watching T.V., nature, eating good food and exploring the outdoors. “People should join SAHE because it is a welcoming space filled with hard-working students who join together for a better cause and future for others. SAHE’s work is important because it is a safe place that advocates for all who need it but also allows people to get more educated on important issues that need to be heard. It brings awareness and unites people to form a goal and creates an environment that ensures success”.


Uzziel Rangel


Uzziel  has been in SAHE for over a year now. He is SAHE’s second treasurer alongside with Yael. Uzziel is most famous for his tamales, and tamales sales for SAHE’s Scholarship fund.


Grecia Mendoza


Grecia is a first-year Political Science students. She is originally from Los Angeles, she likes to play video games as well as her guitar/ ukulele. “People should join SAHE because it is a good way to help our community more specifically the undocumented community it is important because we create a safe space for undocumented students, as well as allies, can come together to explore resources and talk about our experience”.

Richard Villapando