*Our Mission

The mission of Student Advocates for Higher Education at San José State University is to promote higher education among immigrant students regardless of legal status, through activism, advocacy, community involvement, peer support, and leadership development.

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Student Advocates for Higher Education (SAHE) at San José State University are motivated students mobilizing to create a strong student support group for undocumented immigrants (high school and college students). Under California's AB540 law, undocumented students who complete at least three years of High School in California are now eligible to pay resident tuition. However, these students still remain as undocumented and hence cannot receive federal financial aid, participate in most internship programs, work study, etc., due to their unfortunate immigrant legal status. Can you see the problem? Therefore, the purpose of SAHE is to encourage and increase the number of undocumented immigrant students attending and graduating from institutions of higher education. In addition, SAHE encourages active involvement in actions to change the status quo. SAHE promotes the advancement of "AB540 students" through community service, scholarship, leadership, and other educational resources. SAHE welcomes those who believe in our cause.


SAHE was founded in the fall of 2004 at San José State University. The organization's founding members were both documented and undocumented students who shared a vision to establish a support network for students trying to pursue a higher education regardless of their immigration status. SAHE has been successful in helping the undocumented community in many ways including helping them access resources for college.

Today SAHE continues to promote higher education for undocumented students and for the larger immigrant community by advocating legislatures like the DREAM Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Our Advisor Dr. Julia Curry Rodriguez

Dr. Julia Curry is the Faculty Advisor for SAHE at San Jose State University. Throughout her extensive career as a professor, activist, and researcher Dr. Curry has been a champion for the Immigrant community. She earned a Ph.D. in Sociology in 1988 from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research examines immigrant women and children, immigration, language minority educational experiences, racial and sexual stratification, and other issues pertaining to Chicana/os in the United States. Click here for her SJSU webpage and for additional information.


12/8/2012 Human Agenda - Community Impact Award 

"For your commitment to Higher Education, Serving the people with values of Love and Justice, and in the process creating a better world for all."

3/12/2012 San Jose Peace and Justice Center - 2012 Gertrude Welch Peace & Justice Award

"In recognition of Students at San Jose State University, many undocumented, who courageously came out to publicly advocate for the DREAM Act, sustainedstate funding for higher education, and humane immigration reform."

San Jose State University Student Involvement - Outstanding Service Program

"For your organizations dedication to community and individual empowerment and commitment to a cause that will improve the lives of people within San Jose State University community and beyond."


  • 3/12/12 County of Santa Clara, Commendation

  •  3/12/12 City of Milpitas, Jose S. Esteves, Mayor, Proclamation of Congratulations

  •  3/12/2012 Zoe Lofgren, Member of Congress, Resolution

  •  3/12/2012 California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition
    - Paul Fong, 22nd District
    Jim Beall, Jr, 24th District

  •  3/12/12 County of Santa Clara, Board of Supervisors, Resolution

  •  3/12/12 Michael M. Honda, Member of Congress, Congressional Recognition

  • 5/19/10 Anna G. Eshoo - Member of Congress, Special Congressional Recognition

  •  5/19/2010 California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition
    Paul Fong, 22nd District