AB540 Presentations

As Student Advocates for Higher Education, we feel it crucial for different community members to know the rights and resources available to current and hopeful, prospective college students. One of our main activities is Community Education through presentations for:


From High School students to College students, many are unaware of the ability for undocumented students to successfully attend college, receive financial aid, and adjust to the stress and demand of attending college. Our presentation also places the laws that benefit undocumented students within the context of student activism, reinforing our movement as SAHE.


As most SAHE members are children of immigrants, we understand the need to reach out to parents to ease their worries about and establish realistic expectations for their children to attend college. Just as important, our presentation for parents covers the rights they have as immigrants in the United States and the state of current immigration laws, including preparation for specific incidents as well as a list of recommended agencies they can contact for help.


Academic Counsellors have the important task of starting off students on the right path and directing them towards the necessary resources to have a successful college career. Our presentation for Counsellors places emphasis on the California AB540 college student status, facilitating the AB540 application process, as well as the access undocumented college students have to financial aid in California.

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